ADGA can offer an extensive range of product solutions to meet any needs and requirements.   

We pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality products from a huge range of options that can be tailored to you. 

All the products we install and maintain are built using the highest quality materials and are CE marked accordingly. 

Our competitive prices and variety of products encompass everything from security roller shutters to electric sliding gates,

glass balustrade with handrails and door security access control systems. 

Our sales team can provide guidance and if necessary arrange a site visit for a more detailed quotation.

Roller Shutters

Advanced Door and Gate understand that security and peace of mind are essential for both domestic and commercial property owners. We offer a range of high quality, reliable and cost effective roller shutters to meet the requirements of any project.

· Residential, commercial and industrial roller shutters

· Electric and manual operation

· Aluminium window roller shutter doors

· Integrated intel roller shutters

· Insulated roller shutter doors

· Fire roller shutter doors

· Smoke curtains


· Industrial roller shutters in both steel and aluminium: Ideal for manufacturing units and factories

· Steel powder coated shutters: Used for schools and shop fronts

· Aluminium insulated shutters: Suited to garage door applications

· Integrated lintel roller shutters: Used on new builds as part of the construction process

· Domestic style shutters: Aesthetically pleasing whilst maintaining security.

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Gates and Barriers

ADGA offer gate and barrier installations tailor made for your home or business needs. As well as new installations we can repair and maintain existing manual gates or assist with a full safety upgrade to an existing automatic gate or barrier.

Gates and barriers are the entrance to your private property or commercial business, which is why they need to be practical, but also create the right image. ADGA can provide a full replacement service constructed from aluminium or steel with a wide range of features, operations and visual finishes. Our commercial business and domestic gates, barriers or grilles provide real security and protection for your stock and valuables. They also act as a brilliant deterrent to intruders.

· Residential, commercial and industrial gates and barriers

· Electric and manual operating gates and barriers

· Swing gates

· Cantilever gates

· Sliding gates

· Bi-fold gates

· Telescopic gates


Sectional Doors and Sectional Over Head Door Systems

Sectional Doors and Sectional Over Head Door Systems

ADGA sectional doors and sectional over head doors can be built to create a bespoke entrance solution for your business, allowing you to maximise your internal space without compromising on security.

They are a reliable option in high usage applications such as busy entrances with incoming and outgoing vehicles. Insulated sectional doors can be soundproof making them an ideal option in industrial sites where noise and weather conditions can be an issue.

· Residential, commercial and industrial

· Electric and manual operation

· Hanger door systems

· Top hung door systems

Remote Control for Garage Door

Automatic Doors

Sliding, swing and revolving doors enhance pedestrian entrances, improving accessibility, safety and energy consumption in any building.

ADGA’s automatic door design, survey, installation and maintenance can assist small builders to larger retailers, site construction to larger programmes we worth with local authorities and public sector organisations.

· Residential, commercial and industrial automatic doors

· Electric and manual operation

· Aluminium window roller shutter doors

· Insulated roller shutter doors

· Fire roller shutter doors

· Smoke curtains

All makes and models covered including the following to name a few:



Stainless Steel Handrail and Glass Balustrade Systems

Stainless steel and glass balustrade with handrail suitable for staircases, landings and balconies. Options can be made from satin polished (brushed) stainless steel and 10mm toughened safety glass infills.

Handrails are a hard-wearing alternative to the traditional timber equivalent. Made from premium grade stainless steel and available in Satin and Mirror.

· Internal

· External

· Staircase balustrades

· Shop floor balcony balustrade

· Reception landings and platforms


Steel Doors and Steel Defender Doors

ADGA has seen the increase on security requests, with more demand for strong, secure doors for a variety of purposes.

Steel doors and steel defender doors are used in commercial properties, industrial properties and sites, providing an increased level of security for a business. ADGA can advise on a wide range of styles and designs, including options for vision panels, panic options, locking mechanisms and security.

ADGA can replace your old wooden door with a steel hinged secure door. Steel defender doors provide an excellent deterrent for intruders whilst safeguarding your property and stock.

Our doors are tailored to meet each individual client’s specific requirements, with the variety of steel door options we have given the perfect option.

· Single, leaf and half or double swings doors

· Defender doors

· Single swing doors

· Double swing door sets

· Fire steel doors sets


Automatic Swing Doors

Automatic swing doors provide easy access for both interior and exterior usage and blend well into different environments.

They can be set up in a variety of ways including fully automatic, low energy and push bar – they can be fitted with emergency battery back-up and break out facilities. Our swing operators can be fitted to single or double swing doors and can be mounted on the lintel or directly onto the door leaf.

· Radar activation

· Push Pad activation

· Push Button activation

· Remote Fob activation

· Access Control - proximity fobs / swipe cards / keypads.

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With a raft of experience ADGA are able to provide high availability CCTV (closed circuit television) systems. Whether your business is based on one site or centrally monitored we have the ability to set up the system you choose.

CCTV Surveillance systems are now being used widely. People are using CCTV systems with remote viewing to make sure their houses or commercial properties are deterred from crimes of burglary break-ins.

ADGA can help you install and maintain any kind of CCTV system using the latest in technology for your residential or commercial needs.

We can install a security system that starts recording on a DVR as soon as the cameras detect any movement. The DVRs are linked to the Internet and you can view your house or a retail shop from anywhere in the world.

· DVRs

· Monitors

· Day / night vision cameras

· CCTV to mobile networks

CCTV Camera

Access Control

Access control has become an integral security solution for many commercial businesses and the public sector properties. ADGAs access control systems can increase security for new builds or replace systems to older buildings, offices and industrial properties. To prevent any unauthorised access to your premises by the installation of the latest high-tech intelligent door access control systems.

We can design, install and maintain bespoke door access systems to suit your requirements. Allowing restricted access to specific areas within your building to only those who are authorised and reduce the risk of intruders entering your building.

· Keypad entry

· Card based entry

· Audio & visual intercom

· Wireless

· Fob based entry

· Fingerprint systems